Sempris, LLC - Minneapolis-Based Marketing Services Company

Sempris, LLC

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, marketing services company Sempris, LLC, develops, markets, and manages a portfolio of savings programs geared toward unique customer segments. The company prides itself on its stellar customer service, as all of its customer service calls taken during business hours are answered by live agents who work within the United States. In addition, more than 90 percent of customer calls taken by Sempris, LLC, experience a resolution upon the first call.

Sempris, LLC, works closely with several different industries, including:

* Call centers - The call centers market programs offered by Sempris, LLC, after a primary product is sold.

* Direct response television (DRTV) - Products offered through this type of industry include those sold via television ads, such as the Copper Chef Pan and the Snuggie.

* Direct mail - Although this is a separate part of the business, Sempris offers a co-op, or shared mail piece, sent quarterly to new home owners and hotline direct response buyers. This business is marketed under the Smart Perks name.

* Loyalty rewards - The company has previously worked with some of the nation's leading brands to generate consumer interest and loyalty for their brands. It has developed loyalty programs for several large retailers, including Victoria’s Secret and Newport News.